Updating data in a view oracle

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For example, to change the RATING values for books in a remote BOOKSHELF table, you would execute the UPDATE command shown in the following listing: This UPDATE command uses the REMOTE_CONNECT database link to log into the remote database.

It then updates the BOOKSHELF table in that database, based on the SET and WHERE conditions specified.

We are going to update column DESCRIPTION and PICTURE in table Categories_Test by using data in table Categories, based on data in the common column CATEGORY_ID. Update data in a column in table A based on a common column in table B. Update data in two columns in table A based on a common column in table B. Conditionally update data in table A based on a common column in table B. No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.

The update query below shows that the PICTURE column is updated by looking up the same ID value in CATEGORY_ID column in table Categories_Test and Categories. If you need to update multiple columns simultaneously, use comma to separate each column after the SET keyword. Here we only want to update PICTURE column in Categories_Test table where the data in Category_Name column is Seafood in table Categories. Software and hardware names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

If the database link is not used in the subquery, as in the following example, then the BOOKSHELF table in the local database is used instead.

If this is unintended, it will cause local data to be mixed into the remote database table.

One of them introduced me to the following oddity that he had discovered with update ( select chi.small_vc_c, gpa.small_vc_gp from test_user.child chi, test_user.parent par, test_user.grandparent gpa where chi.small_num_c between 200 and 215 and par.id_gp = chi.id_gp and = chi.id_p and = par.id_gp ) gen set gen.small_vc_c = gen.small_vc_gp ; table to be legal, I have to be able to guarantee that any row from the table that appears in the inline view cannot logically appear there more than once.I can’t think of a good reason why these extra privileges are needed. You should not build a system that allows end-users to connect to the database as the data owner.But it’s still quite common for development work to take place in an environment that is a little lax about this rule, with developers connecting as the data owner to write code.statement can be accomplished in one of two ways, primarily depending upon which version of SQL Server you are using.We’ll briefly explore both options so you can find what works best for you.

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