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As a result of this shortfall, job prospects for graduates in Computer Science are expected to remain excellent.

At St FX, you can pursue a BA or BSc with minor, major, advanced major or honours degree in Computer Science, or a joint BSc advanced major or honours degree in Computer Science with any other Science or with Psychology or Economics.

University College is committed to assisting new students to achieve a successful transition from high school to university life.

UAEU's research focus is aimed at developing innovative and sustainable solutions to many of the challenges facing the UAE, the region and the wider world today.

He'll say I consist mostly of water -- enough to fill a large beer tun -- plus some iron, phosphorus, and lots of other prosaic ingredients. In laboratories they're experimenting with several kinds of coal.

UAEU is committed to providing the support to ensure that every student can be successful.

Our support services include counseling, healthcare, IT support, disability support, career services, financial aid, international student services, alumni services, a student success center and a student council.

Since our programs have been designed in partnership with employers, our graduates are highly sought after by both private and government entities.

Our academic programs include not just classroom theory, but also practical internships and research experiences.

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