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I just hope it doesn't become the way my generation remember meeting people.

Social behaviour tends to have a multiplier effect: the less we approach each other, the weirder it is going to feel.

), and Google “Flo Progressive Insurance boyfriend” (married! You may have heard that you can even use technology to score a date.

to strangers are when they have either messed up your Grub Hub order, or when they’ve sold your comely teenage daughter into white slavery and you warn them that you’ll be taking your assassin skills out of retirement.

"It is about the risk," said my friend Scarlett, "walking up to someone where you haven't signed some bullshit agreement about being on the market takes guts.

It makes me want to talk listen to what they say." My female friends all agreed the confidence it takes to walk up to them cold - when done properly - makes all men instantly more attractive.

In other words, you likely to be two steps ahead of your Tinder profile already. They give many people who feel insecure the opportunity and confidence to explore the idea of meeting someone in a relatively safe way.

But not so long ago, single people used to have to go to bars to meet and have sex with strangers, which is looked back on now as a combination of quaint and scary by smug millennials like me (“What if s/he is a The good news is that there are advantages to talking to someone IRL.

For one, you are way closer to sex from the jump, because the pheremonal elements that wind up convincing people to have sex with each other aren’t easily gleaned from a profile—like smell, and peculiarly sexy tics like pushing your hair off your face and a little thing called To prepare, watch some classic black-and-white romantic movies, which often feature people talking in bars.

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