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In dealing with other men Tarzan is firm and forceful. In contrast to these noble characteristics, Tarzan’s philosophy embraces an extreme form of “return to nature”.With male friends he is reserved but deeply loyal and generous. Although he is able to pass within society as a civilized individual, he prefers to “strip off the thin veneer of civilization”, as Burroughs often puts it.As she gently holds her new born son possible names for the boy swirl through her consciousness. to carry on the family name or named in honor of her father.Tarzan was the man of the tree house; his word was law. " "Alright, what ever." "National Geographic" takes a scientific trip to Africa and ends up at the base of Tarzans' tree home.

Slowly the chemistry draws them together or maybe it was because computer dating was ruled out.

From their union a male child enters their love nest in the tree tops.

Chelsea endured the inconvenience of a jungle pregnancy.

He is described as being Caucasian, extremely athletic, tall, handsome, and tanned, with grey eyes and black hair. He is deeply in love with his wife and totally devoted to her; in numerous situations where other women express their attraction to him, Tarzan politely but firmly declines their attentions.

When presented with a situation where a weaker individual or party is being preyed upon by a stronger foe, Tarzan invariably takes the side of the weaker party.

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