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The school recognises its obligation to promote the safeguarding and welfare of young people, and this is reflected in our policies related to the safe recruitment of staff, health and safety and school trips for example, and also in the way we promote a positive school ethos of mutual respect and trust.

Students know they can seek support from the adults in school, in particular their form tutors and the members of the House student support teams.

Working closely with the school is an important part of this task.

You will be issued an individual Parent Pay account by the school and upon first log-in, you will be asked to change your user ID and password to something more suitable.

Assessment, attendance and behaviour data are all available to you via constant updates on the SIMS Parent App and we provide a report, twice a year for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and three times a year for Year 11 and 13.

One of these reports is incorporated into a traditional Parent/Carers’ Information Evening.

As an LPPA school we actively reflect upon the ways in which we work together with parents/carers and the community in order to enhance our students’ experience of school.

We are very fortunate at Haybridge to have such an active Parent/Carer Forum and PTA, and we appreciate the commitment of parents/carers in attending the numerous events held in school so that we can work together to support the learning and well-being of their sons and daughters.

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