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Once again, credit to Jax as he has just the type of offer that Mrs.

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We get a similar scene in this week's episode when this time he does the exact same thing when he is entering the club's new headquarters and this time the young harbinger proceeds to break the storefront window of SAMCRO's new clubhouse.

He even claims to want to make the club legitimate to honour his father's legacy.

So is it really Jax's dream to bring the club into the "legitimate" world or is he a slave to a ghost in much the same way that Hamlet was?

6.9 John Nero, Gemma, Jax and Tara are immediately brought to the forefront in this week's episode to remind us that as the season is on its way to concluding, that ultimately these are the major players that deserve our undivided attention.

Visually, Gemma and Nero were dressed in black to match not only each other but also to visually connect to the love birds in the cage as well.

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