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Judge: Jack Watson GROUP 1 AM CH HAMPTON COURTS MONTE CRISTO Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire) (MR V MALZONI) GROUP 2 SEPTEMBER MORN ON IRVONHILL Breed: Irish Terrier (MR A, MRS J, MR J & MISS A BARKER, AVERIS & GODDARD) GROUP 3 CH BURNEZE OUR MARNIE Breed: West Highland White Terrier (MISS M & MRS A BURNS) GROUP 4 CH HONEYMIST POSH DREAMZ Breed: Bedlington Terrier (MRS S DAVIES) TERRIER GROUP JUDGE SOUTH WALES 17 Thoroughly enjoyed judging the group at this very well run and friendly run show. My thanks go to the officers and committee for making this a special day for me on my birthday.. He moved soundly and surprisingly effortlessly for such a strong dog as such an old age.Shortlisted were the Australian, Bedlington, Cesky, Fox Terrier (Wire), Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, Scottish and Sealyham. Abberann Conan At almost twelve year old, this dog is quite amazing. Judge: Mr E Engh [Norway] GROUP 1 CH/IR CH BURRENCROFT LADY LIZ Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire) ( MR F W SCHONEBERG) GROUP 2 IR CH BROOKSIDE ARISTOCRAT Breed: Lakeland Terrier (C & T BROADERS) GROUP 3 ETTERBERN SLOANE RANGER Breed: Border Terrier (MR L J & MISS S REYNOLDS & MARSTON POLLOCK) GROUP 4 CH/IR/AM/SW CH ABBERANN CONAN AN CH 06/07/08 CW 07/08/09/10 Breed: Glen of Imaal Terrier (MRS A WHITE) WHAT A joy it was to take centre stage for this Group at this splendid event which seems to get better each year.My training has given me the knowledge to work with dogs exhibiting all sorts of behavioural problems, so however bad you think your dog’s habits may be please do give me a ring.I can stop nuisance barking, any form of aggression, jumping up and sort out general disobedience, so don't despair I can help!Consequently, the reason for the aggression is usually buried with the dog.”Harvey came to me at 6 yrs old as his owner could no longer look after him.He took to following me everywhere and barked at everything and everyone.

I short listed a number of exhibits with some excellent representatives of their breeds. Arderry Penny Red to Jaeva, owned by Gullick & Stuivenberg's and the Clarke's, SCW Terrier, Ch.Terrier Group 3, the beautiful Westie bitch, owned by the Burn's, Ch.Burnese Our Marnie, what a Showgirl, short backed bitch of top quality, lovely expression with dark eye & well set ears, grand body & quarters, lovely coat & condition, Showed & presented to a T. Brackenfell Bok to Bach JW, WW17, lovely otter head, best of fronts with good feet, ribs back & spanable, thick pelt, presents a nice profile with neat caroty tail, moves true both ways with purpose & good drive from strong quarters.He looked a picture and was completely in tune with his handler.Terrier Group 2, was a delightful Cairn bitch, Clarke's, Ch.

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