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Most physicians spend 10 years or more in college before completing a residency program at a local hospital.After several additional years of training, they are able to work with patients on their own.(BLS) A home health aide is in charge of assisting a home-bound patient with day-to-day tasks, like bathing, dressing, and housekeeping.A home health aide may travel between several patients in a day, or he may be assigned to live with a patient full time.

Specific areas of evaluation and treatment include: - Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder - Developmental Delays​ - Learning Disabilities - School-Related Issues - Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autistic Spectrum Disorders - Psycho-Physiological Disorders (i.e., Eating Disorder, Tourettes Disorder) - Behavioral and Conduct Disorders - Underachievement​ - Anxiety/Mood Disorders Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy Our clinicians are trained in a variety of short and long term treatment modalities, ranging from psychodynamic, relationship/humanistic, and insight-oriented therapies to cognitive behavioral and behavioral therapies, including rational emotive behavior therapy, exposure plus response prevention therapy, relaxation training, and dialectical behavior therapy.(BLS) Therapists and mental health counselors help patients overcome mental disorders that affect their daily lives.Some therapists choose to specialize in certain conditions, like obsessive compulsive disorder or childhood depression.Health care jobs are in high demand across the board.Whether you want to spend 10 years in college or less than a year, you can find work in the medical field.

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