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What I lack in thinning hair I make up for with a close-cut beard and mustache. I have always had a high sex drive so this posed a problem. It was difficult to find sex partners as I could only meet them during the day. I did find a woman whose spouse was impotent and could eke out an hour or two from her professional life to meet at a motel.

We had great sex and became friends but that relationship came to a halt when she retired, although we still correspond.

Some widows and divorcees were available in my family and social circle, but I hesitated to make a pass at any of them, lest I be accused of being a dirty old man, which I am. My manly weapon is just modest in size but women told me it was just the right size for their mouths.

I had toyed with the idea of remaining in my home but the yard work and repairs convinced me otherwise - they were just too onerous.

"Harry," he said, " There is more pussy floating around these places than you could ever handle. Get laid regularly." His community was filled up and I did not want to be too dependent on Tom, so I looked elsewhere.

Tom said that rumors were floating around that the people at a fairly new senior citizens residence were pretty frisky so I applied there.

No matter what kind of sexual encounter you’re interested in, within minutes, you’ll connect with someone (or someones) who’s interested in the same thing.My brother-in-law, Tom, lives in a retirement community and urged me to join one.He said these communities are beehives of sexual activities.They can readily find partners at Friday Night Happy Hours - a key meeting place in this story - which are a normal part of social activities at some upscale senior citizen residences.Anyone surfing the net can ascertain that there are a goodly number of woman over 60 seeking sexual encounters and open to experimentation.

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