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The current phase of the moon is shown in the moon graphic.There are 10 different background changes during a 24 hour period, dependent on what time it is, which shows the day and night screens, the sunrise/sunset screens and the 6 twilight screens civil, nautical & astronomical (morning & evening twilights) in their proper time periods.When there is measurable rainfall for the day, 3 separate data fields appear, the average hourly rainfall rate (Rain Rate /hr), the average hourly rainfall rate high for the day (Rain Rate High /hr) and the total rainfall for the storm (Storm Rain).Otherwise precipitation for the last 7 days, the highest rainfall day on record & number of days since the last precipitation are used.

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When new weather data is received it updates the data on the above weather panel.This is one of our original web pages from our birth back in 2006. We have grown steadily since then to around 100,000 weather related web pages to serve most cities and towns across the entire world.Placerville has many different elevation changes which manifests itself in 11 different micro climates.This location often receives higher rainfall amounts when storms have more favorable orographics for the Sierra Nevada Mountains and its foothills. We keep extraordinary precise measurements of our rainfall.All of our rainfall is backed up daily by two separate professional rain gauges that are THE standard in the weather industry.

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