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The other name, Elokim, Hebrew for God, stresses divine strictness and justice.

For Judaism, the Lord our God is a God of love who forgives imperfect people even when they don’t get it 100 percent right – but at the same time he is a God of law who has enough confidence in us to believe we can live up to our responsibilities at least for a passing grade.

Although, unlike Christianity they never actively missionized, Jews readily accepted sincere converts into their fold.

Ruth, born a Moabite who voluntarily chose to enter into the covenant, is not only a biblical hero but also – by way of blessing for her noble deed – the ancestress of King David.

From David will eventually come forth the Messiah whose mission is to bring the entire world together as children of one God.

In their fanatical quest to carry out a final solution, the total extermination of the entire Jewish people, the standard was “Jewish blood” going back countless generations.

The Talmud makes clear that the intent is to fine a person who put out another’s eye, to exact monetary retribution, not physical vengeance. For a simple reason: the Torah couldn’t possibly say “money for an eye” because that would suggest there is parity between them!

Just imagine a very wealthy man who hates his neighbor.

How can Jews claim to be kind and compassionate when their Torah teaches something as cruel as “an eye for an eye”?

We teach our kids two wrongs don’t make a right – should we commit a barbaric act just because someone else did?

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