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This does exactly the same behaviour as LIght Boost Level adjustments.

Smaller Pulse Width settings is darker and clearer, while bigger Pulse Width settings are brighter and sligthly blurrier.

The Ghosting Motion Test was used to take the pictures on this page, with the ASUS VG278H monitor adjusted to lower contrast (65%).

Blur Busters is the world’s first site to utilize a pursuit camera for the accurate capture of motion artifacts, in WYSIWYG format, as seen by the human eye.

You may have heard of the Light Boost percentage adjustment, adjustable either via on-screen menus and/or via Toasty X Strobelight. The Light Boost setting adjusts the length of the strobe flash of the Light Boost strobe backlight.

A Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 was used to take these photos with the pursuit camera HOWTO, before Blur Busters obtained the now-preferred Casio EX-ZR200.

Camera ISO settings were adjusted to attempt to maintain photo brightness and exposure level to 1/30sec at reasonable photo brightness.

The brightness of the photos were equalized to allow for easier motion blur comparison.

Only a final quadrilateral correction was done to de-skew the photos, leaving the blurring unmodified.

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