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In 2004, an evaluation of the anti-money laundering reporting system, commissioned by the Minister of Justice, was published.

In response to the report the GON enacted a number of measures to enhance the effectiveness of the existing system.

Every money transfer client has to be identified and all transactions totaling more than 2,000 euros (approximately ,630) must be reported to the MOT.

The Central Bank of the Netherlands, which merged with the Pension and Insurance Chamber in April 2004, and the Financial Markets Authority, as the supervisors of the Dutch financial sector, regularly exchanges information nationally and internationally.

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The Money Transfer and Exchange Offices Act, which was passed in June 2001, requires money transfer offices, as well as exchange offices, to obtain a permit to operate, and subjects them to supervision by the Central Bank.The penalty for "deliberate acts" of money laundering is a maximum of four years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of 45,000 euros (approximately ,000), while "liable acts" of money laundering (of people who do not know first-hand of the criminal nature of the origin of the money, but should have reason to suspect it) are subject to a maximum imprisonment of one year and a fine no greater than 45,000 euros (approximately ,000).Habitual money laundering may be punished with a maximum imprisonment of six years and a maximum fine of 45,000 euros (approximately ,000), and those convicted may also have their professional licenses revoked.In 1994, the Government of the Netherlands (GON) criminalized money laundering related to all crimes.In December 2001, the GON enacted legislation specifically criminalizing the facilitating, encouraging, or engaging in money laundering.

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